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Jean-Marc Le Jeune

the look

at the end


Since 1989 my passion for the movement has not stopped developing. It is first of all turned towards the dances of the countries of the African continent. I then try to translate my feelings of his dancers evolving into music. On canvas, paper or in sculpture.

Seeking rhythm in drawing, music accompanies my work. Always. All over.

A few years ago, my interest in movement led me to the stage. With choreographers and dancers with whom I created several pieces based on improvisation.

These experiences combining listening and improvisation bring me new sensations in my art. Then I discovered the world of hip hop. Decisive encounters.

Since then, I have been making a series of sketches each week reflecting the movement of the breakers. These moments shared with them are essential. I then take the measure of this quest. Seek to translate the energy that animates them. Its endless possibilities. My thirst for sharing then leads me to other places. Other people. Concert venues, Slam Session, dance lessons, yamakasis, construction sites. Capturing the energy of all these people who speak in front of me. Then give it to see or read, as you are doing right now.

It is in this authenticity that I live. I invite you to read the articles I wrote to complete these first words. This first look at the singularity of my approach. I have conveyed this look in a lot of different places. Sharing is certainly the most important word in my journey. And the fascination that I feel deeply rooted in me when I observe the human being in his environment. And when I draw, looking down to my fingertips.

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